Theology Online

The Theology Online Consortium was created to implement the mega-project «Christian Distance Education» to assist educational institutions in educating their students. The online courses presented in the Consortium are developed by ICETE schools, in particular a large number of courses developed by Trinity Video Seminary TVSEMINARY in collaboration with the best teachers and seminaries in the world, such as Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), Masters Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary and others. These courses are certified to meet standards and can be used in accredited programs.

From the list of courses available through the Consortium, any institution can select courses that align with the programs of these institutions and apply to teach their students. In particular, any of the more than 100 online courses can be selected from the TVSEMINARY catalog:

Once the application is approved, a section is created on the Moodle server «Theology Online» with the selected courses for that institution. If necessary, this section can be customized according to the wishes of the school (for example, keeping the logos of the school and the name of the school on the course pages). In other words, the Theology Online consortium provides all the necessary tools and technical support. If necessary, the consortium can even provide a course facilitator. Students register for a course at a particular theological school in their denomination and once a request is received from the school for that course, then the course is opened to students at the school. After the course is completed, a grade sheet is provided to the school’s academic office.

The linking infrastructure, digital library, supervision and technical support for the learning process is provided by Theology Online. In this way, students can earn academic credits at their institution without leaving their ministry and work.

The purpose of the Consortium is to provide schools with certified online courses for the preparation of church ministers in an online format.

The main principle of the Consortium is to bring together the online resources of theological schools, while maintaining each school’s own identity, for mutual assistance.

The Consortium’s values are.

Evangelical theology based on the TEAE creed.
High academic standards of education based on Bologna approaches.
Emphasis on the practice of ministry and spiritual formation.
Mutual respect and equality of opportunity for participants within the consortium.
Maximization of accessibility of education for students.
Self-sufficiency of the project.


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