Theological Evangelical Association of Eurasia is a voluntary association of educational and other evangelical institutions and associations in Eurasia to better serve the churches in the field of education.


For 25 years evangelical educational institutions in the former Soviet Union have been united by the EAAA, the Eurasian Accreditation Association. The EAAA developed very dynamically as an international organization, including more than 50 theological education institutions in Eurasia, and was probably the most authoritative and influential organization in the field of theological education and outreach in the post-Soviet space. There have always been close fraternal and friendly relations between EAAA members, an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. We have rejoiced in the opportunity to work together, helping each other. We have seen many blessings in working together for the glory of God.

But then, unexpectedly, the test came, and suddenly it turned out that the majority of the Association members were not ready to bear the heavy burden of such a test. There were insurmountable political and psychological barriers in mutual understanding and cooperation between the members of the Association from different countries. On May 11, 2022 at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of EAAA members by a majority of votes (with a slight margin of one vote) it was decided to dissolve the EAAA. Thus closed the last page of the glorious 25-year history of this unique association, which, more than any other mission, has served to build and develop the system of theological education and enlightenment in the countries of Eurasia.

But God has not abandoned his educational institutions. In the summer of 2022, on the initiative of different schools, a meeting was organized at the Almaty Bible Institute in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where representatives of different evangelical schools were invited to come together to think about the future of the schools’ joint ministry. Representatives from 18 schools from different countries came to this meeting. There was a tremendous unity in the understanding that a new association should be established, which was proposed to be called the Theological Evangelical Association of Eurasia. A declaration of intent to establish this association was adopted and a roadmap for the establishment of the association was developed. A working group was elected to implement this project.

TEAE Constituent Assembly

On October 27, 2022, the founding meeting of a new association was held: the Theological Evangelical Association of Eurasia, with more than 40 participants, representatives of 29 organizations from South Korea to Belarus. The meeting was very constructive and a vote was taken to establish the association. All voted unanimously in favor, and in conclusion Leonid Mihovich, president of the Baptist Union of Belarus, addressed the participants of the new TEAE association.


TEAE participation in ICETE-22

A further step was to present the new association at the ICETE-2022 meeting in Izmir. From November 14 to 18, the 18th global consultation of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) C-22 was held in Izmir, Turkey. Several representatives of the new TEAE association were able to be at the consultation. Important meetings were held. There was a meeting with the ICETE leadership: ICETE International Director Dr. Michael Ortiz and Administrative Assistant Dr. Orbelina Eguizabel.

The meeting discussed TEAE’s entry into the ICETE family. Michael Ortiz welcomed TEAE’s aspirations to become part of ICETE. It was agreed that concrete steps for TEAE to join ICETE will be taken after the TEAE General Meeting (scheduled for April 26-28, 2023) elects the Association’s Council, Chairs and Executive Director.

There was also a meeting with leaders of international organizations, official partners and participants of ICETE: Scholar Leaders, Langham, Bean Partnership, UWM, Overseas Council, Local Leaders International. This was an important meeting for the integration of the new association into the family of evangelical education. There were many other important meetings.

TEAE General Assembly 2023

The next step in the development of the Association was the General Meeting of TEAE, which was held in Kyrgyzstan on April 26-28, 2023. The forum brought together 56 representatives from 38 educational institutions and organizations from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries. Presidents, Council and Auditing Committee of the Association were elected. Academic Dean of the Almaty Biblical Institute Yuri Skurydin was elected President from Asia, Rector of the Moscow Theological Institute Sergey Yastrzhembsky was elected President from Europe. Alexander Spichak from TVSEMINARY was elected executive director. The meeting approved the main documents, such as the Charter and academic standards, which will enable the Association to fulfill its functions and tasks.


At the moment TEAE includes educational institutions in Eurasia, where thousands of students of different Christian denominations from 8 countries of the world are studying. We thank God for His guidance and are optimistic about the future!