The library is of great importance in the educational process and serves as one of the main components of any educational institution. The Theological Evangelical Association of Eurasia provides TEAE member schools with access to the online library «Theology Online».

The Theological Online Library is a corporate resource of the evangelical theological and spiritual education community for theological education, spiritual formation, and ministry in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ as part of the larger Theology Online project to help institutions utilize an online format in their teaching.

The Theological Library is a closed online resource created for the practical purpose of providing evangelical educational institutions with theological and educational literature, in accordance with curricula and accreditation standards. Use of the library is considered in the accreditation of the curriculum of theological educational institutions for compliance with generally accepted standards.

The library has a large collection of theological educational and scientific literature: books, articles, journals, courses, lectures, theses, dissertations, and archival materials for theological education at various levels, spiritual formation, and ministry in the local church:

electronic versions of books and articles on theoretical and practical theology, classics of the Christian heritage, catechetical, liturgical and spiritual edifying literature;
Textbooks, lecture notes, training courses, programs and materials;
Dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, textbooks;
Christian periodicals, including rare archival magazines and newspapers,
educational multimedia materials (presentations, audio, slides, photos, etc.).

The Theological Library effectively assists educational institutions in providing educational and theological resources as they transition to online learning. The Theological Library was created as part of the Theology Online project to provide resources for distance education. The main users of the library are educational institutions interested in developing distance theological education.

This library already has over 10,000 titles in biblical studies, systematics, religious studies, and other theological disciplines. The number of e-books is constantly growing. A new platform for the online library was created with the help of the seminaryTVSEMINARY.

The library’s theological resources reflect mostly conservative evangelical theology, but are not affiliated with a particular denominational affiliation. The library’s collection is regularly replenished and shaped to meet the needs of educational institutions for specific educational programs.

The Theological Library is a theological library.

Theology Library is a non-profit educational and outreach project designed to assist students who are preparing for ministry at a variety of levels, as well as those who are already serving Christ and His kingdom and want to improve their work for the Lord.

Theology Library is a non-profit educational and outreach project.

For questions about collaborating with Library Online, contact the Library Administrator