ТЕАЕ vision


TEAE’s vision is to facilitate TEAE member schools to effectively serve the Church by fulfilling their mission.


TEAE’s mission


The Theological Evangelical Association of Eurasia is a voluntary association of educational and other evangelical institutions and associations in Eurasia to better serve the churches in the field of education.


TEAE Values


Core Values:

  • We value the service and worship of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We value the Church, mutual aid and shared ministry at the level of the local congregation for the sake of growing in Christ.
  •  We value spreading the Good News in every way we can, involving every member of the Church.
  • We value education as a process of forming a whole person to serve Christ in the church, the world, and the academic community.
  • We value a study that seeks to comprehend the works of God in the world, the church, society, and the individual with the goal of applying its findings to extend the kingdom of God.
  • We value partnering with members of the Body of Christ to grow ourselves in love.


Practical Values:

  • We value theological education as a tool to help the Church fulfill its mission.
  • We value coming together and partnering to accomplish important tasks in evangelical education, helping each other.
  • We value the quality of theological education in the training of ministers and all members of the Church and the best methods for more effective ministry. We are constantly striving to help schools improve their educational process.
  • We value professional development and growth to achieve a fuller realization of everyone’s gifts, talents and abilities.
  • We value each school’s efforts in fulfilling its mission to grow and develop over the long term.


TEAE task

To deepen the solidarity, mutual support and cooperation of evangelical educational institutions through joint educational projects and activities;

Improving the level and quality of theological education through accreditation assessment and mutual recognition. Accreditation in the broad sense of the word means the process of developing and approving uniform standards of Christian education in all spheres of life of theological educational institutions, with the subsequent evaluation of educational institutions belonging to the Association, in accordance with these standards and criteria for assigning them the appropriate accreditation level, confirmed by the relevant document of the Association.

Development of national theology and spiritual enlightenment (including in different languages).